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User Element is a consulting company that specializes in the field of user interface design. We assist companies by helping them produce highly usable designs for their products.

Our focus is on the overall quality of interaction between the human being using a product – the target user -- and the product itself. Was the product easy to learn? Did the product make work fast and efficient for the users?

User-centered design (UCD)

We produce effective designs by following a user-centered design (UCD) philosophy. We offer a wide range of UCD-inspired services, ranging from strategic visioning to tactile-level execution. Depending on the needs of the customer, we can work in both an out-sourcing, or a collaborative fashion.

User Element provides consultation for business software as well as websites of every stripe, in private and public sectors. With experience designing user interfaces for Windows, the Web, and even for command lines, we can adapt our processes to various environments and technologies as required.

In the business marketplace, the usability of a product or website can provide companies with the competitive edge they need to succeed. Let User Element help your company get the competitive edge. Contact us to learn more.

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