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User interface design is frequently thought of as a creative endeavour. While creativity certainly plays a role, design also relies on:

The above are things that anyone can learn. User Element provides training in these areas for both individuals and groups.

As an individual you may wish to transition to a role as a user experience designer, or if they are already working in the field, expand your skill set. Coaching from well-practiced colleagues will help further hone your abilities.

Or, you may be in a leadership position, and wish to introduce User-Centered Design (UCD) practices into your organization. In this case you need to develop in-house expertise amongst a group of employees. You can help your UCD initiative be a success by making sure your employees are well-prepared for their mission. Arm them with up-to-date design practices from seasoned professionals.

We offer:

    User experience crash course
    User experience for developers
    User experience design introduction

Customized training is also available on request.

Contact us for further information.

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