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Usability Assessments

Do you receive complaints about your product or website, but don`t really understand why? Or, perhaps you are considering a new product concept and would like some validation before proceeding too far with the project. In either case, consider requesting a usability appraisal.

Usability appraisals evaluate the ease of use of a prototype, product or website. Appraisals help gauge user acceptance, and identify opportunities for improvements. User Element provides 2 main types of appraisals:

Expert assessment

A user experience professional conducts a formal evaluation of your product or website. The expert takes on the role of the end user and conducts the evaluation according to key success criteria established within the industry. You receive a written report identifying strengths and weaknesses. The report can then help form an action plan for implementing improvements.

Expert assessments can be conducted at any point in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Assessments require little overhead to carry out, and so they provide a cost effective approach to improving user experience. User Element offers different assessment packages based on the size and scope of a website or product.

Contact us to discuss the assessment package that is suitable for your project.

Usability testing

Usability testing involves observing real users perform realistic work in a realistic environment/context. The testing approach is modeled on the scientific method that is used to carry out experimental research. Usability testing is considered by many to be the gold standard for product acceptance.

The general test procedure is as follows: Multiple test participants are asked to perform a set of predefined tasks, and their experiences are observed and recorded. Results from the participants are compiled and analyzed. You receive a formal report summarizing participant responses, with recommendations for improvements.

Usability tests can be executed with different levels of formality, and so are adaptable to different circumstances. They are most often executed locally (with the tester and test subject in same location), although remote testing works as well.

Executing usability tests requires preparation and other resources, and so they are generally more expensive than Expert Assessments. However, due to the involvement of real users, usability test results may be more persuasive in provoking product or website changes.

Contact us to discuss test designs that would work for your circumstances.

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