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Most organizations would like their products to be effective and easy-to-use. However, producing usable applications can prove quite elusive without the use of structured design methods.

User Element provides a complete range of design services that can be adapted to customer needs and various stages of the software development lifecycle. We provide:

Interaction Design

Interaction design refers to how a product behaves and responds when people use a product. It is often what people are thinking of when they think about the term 'usability'. Interaction design includes:

We use a variety of prototyping techniques to explore and refine interaction designs, for example, sketches, paper-prototyping, wireframes, mockups and HTML.

We also advocate applying an iterative approach to design exploration. This involves early testing of design prototypes, before development commences.

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Visual Design

Have you ever heard the expression, 'You never get a second chance to make a good first impression'? Well, this expression is true. Research shows that people regard products and people more positively if they look good... even if the product or person does not actually possess superior function, ability or character. This alone provides a good reason to invest in a professional visual design for your product or website.

However, the impact of visual design goes even deeper. Visual design can help strengthen brand recognition by integrating branding elements in the visual design. And, wisely applied, visual design can improve overall usability and interaction design as well.

User Element can provide you with a professional looking and attractive user interface that helps enhance credibility and that is still functionally efficient.

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