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These days it is difficult to imagine doing any type of business without a website. Statistics show that people frequently research products and services over the web before making purchase decisions. As well online purchasing is growing at a fantastic rate.

And yet for a business owner, engaging outside help to build a website can be a challenging and even an intimidating experience. Without computer know-how, how do you know if you are getting good value for your money? What is a reasonable price to pay?

Websites vary so greatly there is no single price tag. However, there are 5 main factors that impact pricing:

  1. Size
  2. Functionality
  3. Graphics and artwork
  4. Content authoring
  5. Search engine optimization


The number of pages included in a website directly impacts pricing. A 5-page website requires less time to build than a 40-page website, for example. The larger a site becomes, the more technical infrastructure is required to manage the content. For example, larger sites require more robust navigational systems to enable visitors to find the content. And, if your website is larger, you may need to incorporate a content management system to better administer the site.


In the early years of the world-wide web (www), websites consisted of text and graphics. That has long since ceased to be the case. Websites now routinely include features that allow website visitors to register for newsletters, participate in discussion boards or even make online purchases.

Adding such functionality to your website can dramatically improve the results you achieve. However, keep in mind these types of features also require additional programming, and the additional work will impact pricing.

Common website functionality:

  • Contact form
  • Newsletter email subscription
  • Feedback forms
  • Publishing platform, for example, a blog or content management system
  • E-commerce features (the online purchase of goods and services)

Graphics & Artwork

The visual presentation of a website can range from anything as simple as plain black and white text, right up to sites with video and full Flash ® animation. The type and amount of graphical elements in your website will impact pricing.

As a minimum most websites require the development of a color scheme. Additional graphical elements may include:

  • Photos (original or licensed)
  • Custom artwork, for example, hand-drawn characters
  • Video
  • Animation effects

Content authoring

Screen texts form the foundation of a website. Studies show that well-written, grammatically correct website texts contribute to the overall perception of a company. The source of the texts will impact pricing.

For example:

  • Will you be writing the content? Or do you need the web design company to do it for you?
  • Is the provision of website text a one-time event? Or do you need someone to regularly author content updates?

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a collection of techniques used to enhance the placement of a website in organic search engine results. As organizations establish websites to promote themselves, achieving good search engine placement is a worthy goal.

Optimization requires additional effort, however. A website must be organized, structured and programmed in a certain way. It also requires that texts be formulated in a certain fashion and that additional artefacts such as sitemaps be produced. Ongoing monitoring of your website, and periodic changes and additions may be required to fine-tune results.

So what does all of this mean? Does higher pricing equal a better website? By no means, no. You do not have to ‘max-out’ on every aspect of website design to get good results. Indeed. Some pricier website features may be unsuitable or even detrimental to your type of business.

The trick is to make prudent choices about the combination of features included in your website.

For some expert input, please contact User Element.

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